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by Leslie Silbert

C H A P T E R     S I X T E E N


Map of Westminster by John Speed, 1611
The second blue-roofed building to the right of the bend in the Thames is Durham House. In the 1580s, Queen Elizabeth granted the lease for most of this sprawling mansion to Walter Ralegh.

C H A P T E R     E I G H T E E N

Richard Baines' Report about Christopher Marlowe
Click here to read the report about Marlowe that the spy Richard Baines wrote in late May 1593.

C H A P T E R    N I N E T E E N


The Queen's Walk, London
A popular pathway along the south bank of the Thames. Kate goes running here with her friend Adriana on her second morning in Britain.

C H A P T E R    T W E N T Y - F I V E


St. Katharine's Marina, London
Kate and Medina meet outside this brown wood-beamed restaurant, The Dickens Inn, when she returns from Rome.


The Coroner's Report
Click here to read what the royal coroner wrote about Christopher Marlowe's death.


Greenwich Park, London


Queen Elizabeth's Oak
It is said that Elizabeth I's parents, Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, danced around this tree, and that Elizabeth hid in its hollow as a child.


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